Facebook Messenger Marketing for E-Commerce

Send out triggered messages to your customers and skyrocket your conversion rate! Easy integration in just 5 minutes.
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"Retargeting our website visitors with chatchamp helped us to increase our sales by over 5%.
Our customers are absolutely excited about receiving relevant informations like parcel delivery updates inside their Messenger."
"The integration was super easy and we directly saw an impact on our sales with the automatic remarketing tools!
Also, the campaigns feature is very intuitive to use and our customers love engaging with the chat!"
"Works like a breeze. Super easy integration in our WooCommerce shop.
We use chatchamp to inform our customers about our newest product updates. Totally recommended."
"chatchamp is revolutionizing modern digital marketing in e-commerce.
Using instant messenger to reach out to your customer is definitely the modern art of business-to-consumer communication."
Chat is THE new marketing channel
Conversations reveal deep insights
People spend most time online in instant messengers
CTR x5 higher than email newsletter
With over 1.5 billion active users, Facebook Messenger is still expanding! Companies are turning to Messenger Marketing to reach their customers.
Use chatchamp's SaaS solution to retarget your customers
where they are spending their time: inside the chat!
Easy-to-use campaign builder
Use our drag & drop feature to build your Messenger campaigns. Set a trigger or send them out instantly with just one click. It’s as simple as sending an email!
5 minutes is all you need
Integrate our software into your e-commerce shop in less than 5 Minutes. We will do the rest of the heavy-lifting for you! Now available for Shopify and WooCommerce.
Put your marketing on automation
Send sequenced conversations to convert your customers.
You forgot a jacket in the cart.
Jacket Autumn - Black, Size M
$ 150 To the shop
Thanks for the reminder.
I'll definitely buy this jacket.
Set up your campaigns to send triggered messages at right moment.
Hey Katy,
Don’t forget an umbrella.
It’s raining today.
1st day
Hi Katy,
Welcome to our Make-up Store!
2nd day
Take a look at our amazing Make-up tips!
18 Tips for beginners http://makeup-store.com
3rd day
Hurry up!
You have 5 hours to buy a
new Make-up Set
25% off!
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Smart customer segmentation
Active buyers
Articles readers
New visitors
Based on onsite behaviour and chat interactions, chatchamp’s complex machine-learning algorithms effectively segments your customer base for better retargeting.
Deep insights into
your customer journey
Wonder how customers are interacting with your business? We provide in-depth analysis to help you constantly improve your messenger campaigns.
Powerful opt-in tools available for use with our software