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Chat has a huge potential to be THE new marketing
and CRM channel
Conversations reveal deep insights
People spend most time online in instant messengers
CTR x5 higher than email newsletter
Facebook Messenger has close to 1.2 billion active users worldwide, and its still rising! More and more companies are using chatbots, with a month to month growth rate of 20%!
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(see us as mailchimp for chat)
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Build your messenger conversations using drag&drop and send them out through instant messengers with one click! It is as simple as sending an email!
Easy shop integration
Connect your e-commerce shop by just adding your account information and enable yourself to support your customers during and after the shopping experience. You can use your shop data to send targeted messages and boost your conversions!
Automate your marketing
Send sequenced conversations to convert your customers.
You forgot a jacket in the cart.
Jacket Autumn - Black, Size M
$ 150 To the shop
Thanks for the reminder.
I'll definitely buy this jacket.
Trigger your campaigns to send the right message at the right time.
Hey Katy,
Don’t forget an umbrella.
It’s raining today.
1st day
Hi Katy,
Welcome to our Make-up Store!
2nd day
Take a look at our amazing Make-up tips!
18 Tips for beginners
3rd day
Hurry up!
You have 5 hours to buy a
new Make-up Set
25% off!
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Build segments
Active buyers
Articles readers
New visitors
Easily build segments by using the information you can get from chat conversations as well as the behaviour on your website. Use the segments to send highly targeted content!
Performance marketing
meets Chatbots
chatchamp allows you to use messenger marketing like a new performance marketing channel by enabling you to see all relevant metrics of the in-chat behaviour as well as related actions on your webpage. Constantly improve your messenger chatbot and funnel steps!